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Does your consulting partner teach you to fish?

Does your consulting partner teach you to fish?

Uncomfortable truth: most won’t!

Testimonials can do so much for so many; not least remind us how grateful we are for the incredible partnerships we’ve been so fortunate to develop over the years.

We recently discussed our RFP Development & Management Services for the evaluation of Enterprise software & implementation partners, and our Organizational Change program development/delivery Services with a hospital client CIO, who so kindly stated, “these are the true success stories for your organization and ours:

Your willingness to invest your own time & energy to really learn about our organization and what makes us unique is truly refreshing for a consulting firm. Our outcomes were significantly improved because of your desire to invest in us.

Not being afraid to teach someone how to fish (how to learn about, build, implement & effectively use Organizational Change competencies across our organization) so that we can be better at leading change, and don’t have to bring in a consulting partner every time we need to change, is extremely valuable to us. This approach is extremely rare for a consulting firm to take; especially so when this typically equates to less revenue opportunity for you!

Our return on Organizational Change investment is truly paying dividends. Not only were we much better prepared for the changes we needed to make as individuals and as an organization as a result of investing in our new ERP, we were in fact so much more enabled to absorb & embrace organizational & technology change impacts stemming from our global pandemic.”

Helping our clients to ensure the best outcomes for their organizations and their people is what we do best. And is what we love to do, every day!

If your consulting partner doesn’t teach you to fish, you may want to look elsewhere.

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