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Who is Approach Consulting?

Approach Consulting is a trusted, independent, and objective Consulting firm providing Technology Advisory, Organizational Transformation and Project-based Services. Located in Tampa, FL, since 2010, our Consultants possess significant experience & success in enabling our clients to solve their most challenging opportunities. Our actions are underpinned by our core values of trust, respect, confidentiality, integrity and a bias for action. Approach us today!


Christopher Gunn

Christopher Gunn is a globally-experienced business technology, consolidation & organizational change executive with more than 25 years’ success enabling healthcare, technology, defense intelligence and insurance businesses.

He has served as a trusted leader & advisor to many national & international organizations, ranging from privately-held to Fortune 50, where he has developed & deployed broad success in business growth, technology, strategy, planning, intelligence & analysis, operations, M&A, & organizational transformation.

Chris is an investor, non-profit board member and veteran, where serving others, doing/being better than the day before, and promoting health & wellness are passions that inspire his daily life.

25 Years of Experience

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