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How confident are you that your business & technology investments are truly on track?

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  • How confident are you that your business & technology investments are truly on track?

Successful enterprise technology investments require significant amounts of time, patience, funding, resources, & trusted relationships.

But how much do you really know about your investment projects?

The average cost of investment in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology is reported to be between $2,000 & $18,000 per user (over a 5 year period). Let’s call it $10,000 for round number purposes.

So, if you’re a business with 1000 users, you are looking at an approximate 5-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of $10 million or $2 million annually.

Not an insignificant investment.

Knowing that there is so much more than just finances at stake, how confident are you that your investment projects are truly on track?

You wouldn’t be alone if you often find yourself questioning your software vendors, and system integrators.

  • How deep are your relationships with and trust in your staff & vendors?
  • How about your own Project Managers / PMO – do you feel that they are (able to be) 100% honest with you?

There are many stories & case studies stating that 70% of all projects fail. Many of you have read or heard about them.

But when it comes to truly knowing project status & risk, most executives lack the real truth to make informed decisions.

Are you willing to sink a $10 million investment?

If you are concerned about your technology investments, call us today.

You may not like what you hear but we’ll tell you the truth. And if your projects aren’t where you need them to be, we’ll help you to resolve your current situation.

Call 844 427-7762 or visit us at for more information.

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