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What is digital transformation?

What is digital transformation?

According to CIO magazine & some of its contributors, it is a necessary disruption.

Would you agree?

Per IDC research from May 2020:

“Global spending on digital transformation technologies and services will grow 10.4 percent in 2020 to $1.3 trillion, despite budget concerns triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Without question, many of us are accelerating our Digital Transformation (DT) efforts due to opportunities presented by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Us included.

Like we hope many others have done and are doing, we opted to get creative & innovative for our customers.

Founder & CEO Christopher Gunn upon launching our new website yesterday (September 17, 2020) said:

With 2020 affording us so many opportunities to get creative & invest in innovation for our customers, we’ve simplified our Services portfolio to promote our new contactless era of business operations, personalized our experiences, and enabled our customers to schedule & procure directly from our website.”

Have your own definition of Digital Transformation

We’ve shared our version elsewhere on our website to serve as a starting point for those struggling to define what theirs should be.

Indeed, ours is not the be all end all. We are but one external perspective; critical insights for our customers offer objective points of view to create additional value in their decision-making process.

So that you can be even more informed if you’re embarking upon or in the middle of your DT journey, here’s the view of a number of others from across media, educational institutions, insurance retail, technology, consulting & beyond.

Insight positions us all to be better enabled to make informed decisions!

What DT tips and insight would you share with others to help them with their journey?

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