About Us

Founded in 2010, Approach Consulting seeks to make our clients as valuable, productive and successful as possible through the power of trusted & proven experience and good old fashioned human interactions.

We truly believe that our people are our best asset, all of whom have been carefully selected to represent our brand, given their prior successes in focusing on value-based client outcomes.

Headquartered in sunny Tampa, FL, we are a privately-owned, national advisory and consulting company, with global experience across multiple industry segments.

We possess significant knowledge in developing relationships, providing business advisory, enabling revenue, integrating change and ensuring value across numerous industries; including healthcare, staffing and technology.

The Approach Experience

With decades of real world experience, Approach Consulting ensures a laser focus on trust, reputations, enduring relationships, client outcomes and transformational value.

By harnessing the power of our networks, we take immense pride in our ability to ensure we always use the "right tool for the job".

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Position: Founder & CEO
Years of experience: 25

Further to his highly successful global military career, Mr. Gunn established Approach Consulting to transfer his skills to the private & public sectors, to provide bespoke leadership advisory and consulting services for companies small and large.

He provides the guidance and forward thinking that has enabled companies from private to Fortune 50 to ultimately succeed.